Jeepers Peepers SS17 Favourite: The Shield


Chosen as a staff pick by our brand manager at the back end of 2016 and a favourite of Jeepers Peepers founder Hamilton Remes, the ‘Shield’ design was inspired by sunglasses worn by Yoko Ono in 1981 and were originally manufactured by Porsche. 

Known for her distinctive style and even more noticeable - her statement sunglasses, Yoko Ono has kept her inimitable and truly unique style experimental with her signature monochrome touch. Although Yoko is widely known for her marriage to John Lennon, Yoko has since carved her own artistic path and owns that trademark Ono look with a pair of statement sunglasses. 



An iconic look, these glasses are a throwback to sleek, classic 80s design and suit every occasion — from wrapped-up winter walks to lounging by the pool. Wherever you are, they’ll certainly help you stand out from the crowd and own Spring/Summer 17

Purchase The Shield today: The Shield





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