Introducing: Lacey Hutchison

Natalie at Jeepers Peepers HQ caught up with Aussie blogger Lacey Hutchison to find out about her journey becoming Insta famous! 
How did you start your journey as an online influencer? 
I started my Journey by taking a lot of outfit pictures and noticed my following on Instagram was growing quite rapidly. I had a lot of girls asking where my clothes were from and then i had a few small brands reach out to me. From then, ive been blogging my outfits daily on Instagram! 

Top tip you would give to someone who wants to start fashion blogging?
When people think about fashion blogging on Instagram, all they think about is being sent lots of free items. In the beginning you have to do it for yourself. You put in a lot of time and money buying outfits and accessories you love, hoping people will like your style. My top tip is: Don't expect to be showered in gifts straight away because this wont happen. Don't start fashion blogging on Instagram just for the free stuff. You need to do it for yourself, because it is something you have a passion for and something you enjoy. If you just do it for the free stuff, you probably wont be very successful. Take your time, don't get disheartened if don't get a lot of support straight away. Defo think quality not quantity (post a few pictures in outfitsyou've carefully planned out rather than 15 photos in the same outfit from different angles), and have fun doing it!

Holy grail fashion item you can’t live without?
Defo a pair of sunnys!!! I live in Australia so i literally live in sunglasses. I have about 40 pairs, and they're all completely different! You can really make an outfit with a pair of sunglasses, they're my favourite accessory!

Whats the best advice you've ever received?
When i first started out blogging, i was contacting loads of girls who's feeds i loved. I would ask them how they edit their pics etc. One girl told me "Be yourself. Find a colour theme/photo filter that really expresses who you are and your own personal style" And since then i feel like I've always experimented with new edits to find what i really love.

Top 3 biggest role models? 
Okay so defoooo @sarahhashcroft i literally love everything about her, and have been obsessed ever since ive been on Instagram. I love her style, her personality.. shes a total GIRL BO$$. I also love @piamuehlenbeck shes a Sydney blogger who ive seen around town a few times. I only discovered her since moving to Aus, but she seems like the nicest person ever and she has the dream life. Shes a real entrepreneur, she has her own fitness/swim label. Her swimwear is recycled from old fishing nets that help keep the ocean clean and save dolphins! I aspire to be even half as amazing as her. One day id like to have my own company doing something that helps the planet too!  And then last but DEFO not least is my own mumma. The last 2 years have been super tough on my family, but most tough on my mum. When you have your heart broken the way she did and still come out at the end smiling is amazing. She is honestly the strongest person i know, and i look up to her so much. Shes my best friend and theres no one i aspire to be like more than her!!!

Favourite quote that inspires you?
My favourite quote is "don't dream your life, live your dreams" i literally live by this. If you want something, don't sit around thinking about it everyday. Get off your ass and go do something about it!! I always dreamt of moving abroad and living by the beach, travelling the world and that's exactly what i'm doing right now. It was a rushed decision to book flights and leave all my family and friends, but i'm here, and i'm doing great!! Anything is possible is you put your mind to it 😊

A little unknown fact about you?
Hmmmmm i suffer from Thalassophobia real bad. Thalassophobia is the fear of being in large bodies of waterfear of the vast emptiness of the sea, and fear of distance from land. Basically i would have a heart attack and die if you threw me off a boat hahaha 😭 I hate not knowing whats underneath me, i'm so scared a shark with just chew my legs off.

What tunes are currently on your playlist?
My number 1 song right now is Barking by Ramz. Me and my house mates literally have this on repeat in the house!

Favourite city of all time? How-come?
Im currently living in Sydney, i do love it but i need a change of scenery! Im not sure what kind of city could be my favourite as im more of a beachy person! Although i did love Amsterdam when i went. I really miss the cold weather and just want to wrap up in a faux fur coat and winter boots. 

What do you plan for the future of @lacey_hutchison? 
I have some pretty exciting collaborations coming up with some bigger companies, and am hoping to get involved with some Australian fashion companies when i move to the Gold Coast. I did get invited to London Fashion week and am completely gutted i cant fly home for it. But i defo want to get more involved in modelling in the future! My mum has always wanted to go to New York so id love to save up and take her, and vistit when NYFW is on!


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