Throwing shade through the ages

A lot of ‘new’ trends often take inspiration from iconic looks that appeared decades before. We may have said a final goodbye to summer, but sunglasses never go out of style. In honour of London Fashion Week, here is a brief history of the world’s most loved designs.


Way Back When in the Early 1900s: The Hollywood Style 

With the rise of Hollywood, celebrities started using sunglasses to shield themselves from paparazzi and super fans, or at film premiere frenzies. They also look crazily glamorous, though. Nearly every fashion icon has been seen in a pair of Hollywood sunnies.


Anna Magnani, 1932 (source)



Feline Flicky in the 1950’s: The Cat Eye

Perhaps the most iconic glasses design of all time, The Cat Eye took the 50s by storm, with Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's character (Holly Golightly) and Marilyn Monroe often seen in a pair. In recent years, the style has made a returned to its former glory and swept through the fashion industry as one of the most glamourous looks to ever return. Since their revival, Miranda Kerr has often shown her support of the style.


Left: Audrey Hepburn (source). Right: Marilyn Monroe (source). 



Big, Bold and Beautiful in the late 60s: The Big Frame

A statement piece, no doubt, big and bold frames were the perfect accessory to accompany the big patterns that were so prominent in the swinging sixties.


Above: Jackie Kennedy (source)


Flower Power 70s: The Coloured Lens

Setting a unisex trend, 70s icons like John Lennon rocked the circular frames with coloured lenses and the world followed. The style was reminiscent of the fun-loving, wild lifestyles that people were living.


John Lennon (source).

The Crazy 80s: Plastic Frames

Even Princess Diana was a fan of bold plastic frames towards the end of the 20thcentury. Cindy Crawford loved a statement shade too. White and red were the most popular colours, but no colour was too extreme for this trend. In more recent years, Emma Roberts has been known to polish her look with white frames.


It seems that these classic models - inspired by icons of the past and maintained by fashionistas of the present - are here to stay. 



Back to the future: Futuristic Frames

And to finish, we look to the future of fashion, or rather, the present popularity of 'futuristic' styles. Long since predicted as the style of the future in popular TV and films, it might be finally coming true. Looks like Back to the Future's Doc was following our Kim K on insta in his trip to the future.

Christopher Allen Lloyd in Back to the Future (source).




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Written by: Mollie Davies



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