Blogger lookbook: Izzy Carmelia Rose

 How did you start your journey as an online influencer? 

To be honest, I don’t really know when it all started, but some day I just kind of went for it and began seeing my Instagram a bit more as my fashion platform where I share my style and personality. I’ve always loved fashion and being creative and taking pictures is just fun. So combining these two passions of mine was a match made in heaven. Since I’ve launched my blog “” in March, I’m more inspired than ever and inspiration is in my opinion one of the most beautiful things that you can give to other people.


How would you describe your style? 

Well…I don’t really have “a style” I feel like. I more likely create a style every single day. For me, fashion is an attitude! On some days I wanna look like a man (highest androgynous level possible) and on other days I wanna be the girl rocking her little black dress.

I really do like trying everything out and then make it my “own style” but right now I’d say my style is very streetstyle influenced, I love trainers, statement accessories, colourful eye make-up and lots of jewellery.




Who are your favourite fashion bloggers?

Oh that’s a very hard question because I have so many that I admire but at the moment I’m loving Lizzy Hadfield from “shootfromthestreet”, Lindsey Holland from “ropesofholland”, Caro Daur and Xenia Adonts from “xeniaoverdose”.

All of them are beautiful women and they not only inspire me with their fashion sense and style but they also have lovely personalities.


Who else do you look at for fashion and style inspiration?

So I think my biggest style inspirations are my mum and dad! I love to remember the days when I was little and watched my mother doing her make-up.

 I was totally fascinated by her style back then and still to this day I literally love everything that she has in her wardrobe. She is just so effortlessly chic, even in jeans and a shirt she still masters to look just elegant.

Same with my dad, his style is timeless and every time on point. He loves the classic English Style, which I find very flattering.

 At the moment, I'm very much inspired by menswear anyway. I’m absolutely in love with PAQ Boys Danny, Shaq, Dex and Elias. They have this amazing fashion show on Youtube called PAQ where they do fashion challenges every Thursday and all of their styles are so different and that is exactly what inspires me.



How would you describe the Jeepers Peepers brand?

 I’d say they’re fun, vibrant, quirky and modern.  They’re so up to date with their shades and I absolutely love that.


What’s your favourite frame?

I actually have so many but the ones that I wore the whole summer was the “Clear Yellow Navigator – JP1898”

I was obsessed with them and I also got so many compliments when I wore them.




Do you find listening to music can help you be more creative whilst creating content – what’s currently at the top of your playlist?

Yes absolutely!!! I actually get so inspired by various artists, genres and all in all music in general! I love music and as with my style, I don’t have a specific genre that I only listen to. My spectrum goes from Mozart to Skrillex! I just love diversity in really everything cause that just keeps things interesting, fresh and new.

On my current September playlist are some new bangers; I’m totally obsessed and can’t resist having a lil dance sesh while waiting for the tube:


  • One Shot by Mabel

 (Basically everything that Mabel releases I immediately into. She is such a babe and I love her style as well.)



 (Back in 2013 I was obsessed with this band and recently they brought out some new songs and next week I think the new album is coming out – I literally can’t wait!).


  • Electricity by Silk City, Dua Lipa, Mark Ronson and Diplo

 (This song is madness and Dua is one of my biggest Idols and Inspirations! Followed her journey since day one and it’s so inspiring and motivating seeing her basically rocking the world!) 


  • Love Song by Zak Abel

He is not only a great person but also incredibly talented. This song is his current new one but to be honest his whole album “only when we’re naked” is a masterpiece!



What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice that ever received has to be:

Just BE YOURSELF because everyone else is already taken!

So cheesy, so simple BUT so true and whenever I start comparing myself to others, I remember these words, I smile and say to myself “Stop it, you’re awesome and you can achieve anything you want, you just have to work for it and believe in yourself.”

Self-Believe and Self-Love are so important and saying positive things to yourself can be really motivating. It can also show you that you literally need no one else to feel good about yourself: you should be the one who makes you happy.  



What advice would you give to anyone who may be reading this who wants to become a content creator?

I’d say just GO FOR IT!!! Try to find your own little niche, be creative and just have fun. You will learn so much on your journey and slowly but surely you’ll find your own style! Nowadays it’s all about personality and I think that’s amazing cause we’re all so different and so everyone in this industry truly deserves a space to create beautiful things.


What’s your plan for the future of your fashion career?

Oh, I really love that question cause I think about that a lot and also work for my goals every single day.

I definitely want to work with more brands that I love and I want to go full-time blogging cause I truly love what I do!

Finally, something that would be a big step but is one of my biggest dreams since I was nine years old, is moving to my favourite place on this world: London! 





Check out Izzy's Instagram and blog, Thefreaklifestyle for more fashion and life inspiration! 

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