Introducing: Miranda

Natalie at Jeepers Peepers HQ caught up with London blogger Miranda to find out her tips and tricks behind growing her Instagram following and becoming a fashion influencer.

How did you start your journey as an online influencer?

I started a couple of years ago back in university. I studied at London College of Fashion and my best friend and I were obsessed with fashion bloggers at time, so one day we thought we should start our own blog! We started a blog called Londonistas, all about burgers and fashion - our favourite things! Whenever we would post a new blogpost, we would always post a couple of shots from the blogpost onto our Instagrams and eventually as the digital world began to shift away from blogs and more towards Instagram, we did too. Like most fashion bloggers these days, we still like to update our blog every so often as it is our baby but we tend to use Instagram more now.


Top tip you would give to someone who wants to start fashion blogging?

I would say to really put effort into the images you take, I have always taken my pictures on a camera as opposed to an iPhone so they are better quality, and have also always tried to shoot in cool locations around London and the world! If you take a cool, high quality image and tag the brands you’re wearing then you will stand out to the brand and you will be on their radar!

 Another thing I would say is to keep going and not lose motivation. Aside from blogging, I have a full time job for a brand where I work with bloggers on the brand side. I always used to think that you had to have hundreds of thousands of followers to get noticed as a blogger and get your images reposted. However, when I’m at work browsing our tagged photos to find images to repost on the brand’s Instagram, I will look for the highest quality images that makes our products look great and will repost it regardless of the person’s following.


Holy grail fashion item you can’t live without?

This is such a hard one! I would say sunglasses are definitely something I couldn’t live without, I love playing around with different styles and colours! I wear them in every single picture I post as I think it just adds that finishing touch to an outfit and always makes you look put together.

Whats the best advice you've ever received? 

It sounds cliché but probably to just follow your dreams as you can do anything you set your mind to. My parents were always supportive of me growing up and always believed in me which I am thankful for because it gave me the confidence to do what I enjoy the most and feel passionate about! 


Top 3 biggest role models?

In terms of fashion, there are so many girls I’m inspired by right now with completely different styles. I love @cheriemadeleine for ultimate cool-girl inspo,@sophiaandcinzia for laid back casual style which I love, and @mishti.rahman for summer vibes! 

Favourite quote that inspires you?

It’s not exactly a quote but for inspiration I like to read The Secret from when I am lacking motivation or feeling negative as it always gets me back on track. I don’t have a particular favourite quote that I always go back to but I like any quote that is motivating and encourages positivity.

A little unknown fact about you?

I am half English and half Mexican and am very proud of my heritage!


What tunes are currently on your playlist?

My best friend and I are currently obsessed Madison Beer’s music (as well as her style!). I also love the Weeknd at the moment.

Favourite city of all time? Howcome? 

This is also a hard one as I love to travel so much and there are so many amazing cities I love! I’ve been to Los Angeles for three years in a row now (I know, basic millennial answer!) I just love the vibe there, the weather, the fashion and the food!

I also recently visited Krakow, Poland for the first time and fell in love with it. I  I didn’t know anyone who had been there at the time so didn’t know what to expect but now it has made me want to travel to more underrated destinations that not everyone goes to!

What do you plan for the future of @Mirandaksa

As a blogger all you can hope for is that people continue to like and engage with your content. I also hope to grow my platform in the future so that I can draw attention to issues that are important to me, as well as sharing more of my favourite fashion of course! Lastly I hope to continue to work with more of my favourite brands like Jeepers Peepers! 


Click here to go to @mirandaksa Instagram page! 

Click here to view her 'Londonistas' blog 


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